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There must NEVER be a reason, legal or otherwise, to harm a child

This is the 21st Century and yet in Canada …

Hitting adults is called assault.

Hitting animals is called cruelty.
but >>>

Hitting children is defined as being “for their own good”

Research (July 2, 2012)
Spanking linked to increased risk of mental health problems

Come on ladies and gentlemen read the signs, cut the crap and pass legislation to end this insanity

 (Sept 4, 2012)

Doctors say “Canada’s spanking law must go”

Read the CMA editorial

Children too are holders of human rights!

It is widely acknowledged now that corporal punishment is a fundamental breach of children’s rights to respect for their human dignity and physical and mental integrity

This won’t go away if we ignore it!
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In Sweden…

Our babies are our future – they must be loved and cherished.

In so doing they can and will grow up to be loving and caring adults.

The early years only happen once.

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