Oh Dear Sad City of Victoria

At what point will the citizens of the City of Victoria wake up and deal with the sad little coterie of city councillors that continue to dismember a once fine city. Let’s not parse Councillor Isitt’s words but take them at face value. According to the Times Colonist, Isitt states, “arguably there’s an element of glorifying militarism in the Invictus Games”. What kind of self-important, arrogant, ill-informed individual would conflate the coming together of a group of servicemen and servicewomen who have suffered both visible and invisible, life-changing injuries while serving their country, with “glorifying militarism”? Does the dear councillor have no understanding or compassion for the healing needed for those who are so physically, emotionally, or socially wounded? Isitt’s further statements express concern that any form of association with the armed forces might be construed to commemorate war. He denigrates Invictus Games involvement further by suggesting that the games would not be worth the financial output.

What values do we hold dear in our society today? At what point do we tear apart the very fabric of our communities to where they become unrecognizable and sad shadows of their past?

Comments from elected officials such as those made by Councillor Isitt, dishonour and disrespect the lives of all who served in our armed forces. At what point do we stand up and call out this impertinence rather than silently acquiescing to the dismembering of the honour of a proud and key part of the heritage of this community?

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