The Siren of my life

There are too many days where I am vexed by the siren’s call of this little box of horrors. There is some pretty good stuff going on upstairs but the gentle hand of distraction plays havoc with the much needed daily contribution. I shall hang up now and try for a few more words…

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Are We Getting Closer???

I note in today’s online National Post that the “The Canadian Medical Association Journal says it’s time to do away with the Criminal Code’s so-called spanking law

Despite the fact that “Canada as one of the world’s only developed countries to sanction corporal punishment” Our Federal Justice Minister lives in a world of denial with his terse press statement indicating the parents know what is best – come on folks wake up and recognize spanking for what it is – it is an excuse for poor parenting and it must be seen as a crime – stop this insanity

Read the September 4, 2012 CMA editorial… Positive parenting, not physical punishment

Please make it so! – read more… Join the conversation and let this harm come to an end.


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How to attract flies

Earlier in August I posted a blog regarding the passing of the singer from the 60’s, Scott McKenzie. I always liked his “If you go to San Francisco” song and I linked a YouTube to my post.

I began to get a wide range of spam comments from different sources. At first I was not sure what was happening but I have come to realize that something in my posting just seemed to trigger a bunch of crap from afar so I have deleted this posting and will see if the flies go elsewhere now and find a new friend to bug.

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What — Another Website?

Why I created this WordPress blog site.

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