I suppose enlightenment has multiple meanings

I was saddened and pained to read the following article in The Globe and Mail. Have we not yet evolved as a species? Must we resort to violence as a cheap and lazy excuse to teach, to guide, and to assist in the growth of our children?

I am afraid that there is nothing that can convince me that hitting a child in any form for any reason is nothing short of a violent and inexcusable act. I have friends who provide all sorts of wonderfully crafted situations and reasons where they believe that a “smack” is the only way to properly control or discipline a child. Shame on you! We acknowledge in our society that to hit an adult is called assault, to hit an animal is called cruelty but for some reason, hitting a child is defined as being for their own good. Shut your books of faith – don’t even go there on this topic – learn from those that have developed rich and embracing cultures without any thought of physical abuse towards their children.

Come on Britain, find another excuse for your ill-mannered youth. Look beyond the crass simplicity of further violence and make a broader contribution to a world of understanding instead some stupid and inane discussion about the degree to which hitting becomes acceptable in any form.

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