Kony 2012

This is a fascinating story at so many levels

Watch the video and read about this very evil person, Joseph Kony as well as the efforts of a group of individuals who are trying to make a change in the lives of the people in central Africa. Very fascinating – Well worth the time


This whole campaign tells us so much about the power of our networked world. On the surface this is the story about bringing an international criminal to justice and getting him “off the street” or more literally out of the jungle so that he can be stopped from continuing to destroy tens of thousands of lives yet the much bigger picture is the real power of our interconnected media to allow us to talk to each other and share ideas and find out what is going on in the commons and keeping the conversations free and alive and keep them from being shut down. Our governments and their corporate sponsors are working equally hard to filter and muzzle and censor and shut down the commons and despite the rhetoric and platitudes from those that manage our institutions of government and business they would rather we not have access to this town square in such a clear and open way. So much of our daily lives are filtered and staged that to have the invisible children organization accomplish what it has to date is amazing. Let us keep the pressure on and know that when (not if) Kony has been captured and sent the The Hague we must all stay awake and keep this beautiful commons open and free for all. One bad guy at a time – Kony 2012


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