Kony – Part Deux

OK so I was drawn into the video – I was drawn into the whole idea of how social media can be used to help make something amazing happen.

Kuny 2012 is an amazing story and idea. I have listed a number of detractor sites below.

However despite what I have read, I think doing something is better than the alternative and although  many detractors talk about the silly pictures of the invisible children group members with guns I think this is a naive distraction. These are North American kids caught up in something “adventurous” with little appreciation of the ramifications of their actions. (no justifications intended)

The comments about how bad the Ugandan army is with regards their treatment of women and children is possibly quite true as well, however is it possible that as long as Kuny continues to get the headlines then the Ugandan army remains invisible in their behaviours, so by taking Kuny out of the picture then possibly the army will have fewer places to hide their reprehensible behaviour.

We can beat this to death or acknowledge the amazing power of these media and the Kuny 2012 idea and begin to use this as an example for other equally powerful yet different applications. We need to use it wisely and carefully but for now focus on Kuny – get him and his organization out of the picture and then turn our collective attentions to some of the other very needy global causes. I could make a list but that should be left for another day.





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