The Occupy Movement: Me, The Man, and Pogo

Over and over I hear that the occupy movement failed, or will fail because they do not have a clear message or that they are not supported because we are not sure who they are and what they want. Ahh come on, the message is clear isn’t it? We just don’t want to believe it. It is us and them, corporate greed, the 1% and best of all, standing up to the Man! Peace, Love, and Equality for all. — Really – True story!

Platitudes aside, the disparity is there folks – the gap is enormous and getting wider and no matter how hard most try, the gap will not be bridged. We have a real global problem. There are many aspects to this problem and in some ways it is a many-headed Hydra and the problem with this is that our ignorance, arrogance, and apathy continues to feed the Hydra.

I think, however that one of the more difficult aspects of this whole thing is that we don’t want to recognize just who the Man is. The Man is not the 1%, the greedy amoral person with the billion dollar suit who takes his big fat amount of cash believing he has earned it or somehow deserves it. No, the man is really the rest of us who have allowed this disparity to grow – the man is us. We acquiesce, we have stopped listening to our hearts, we have become disembodied souls and we want to somehow believe that we too can get a piece of this pie if only we work hard and don’t disturb the continuum. Now that is the real true story. Who is the government? We are. Who is the the corporation? We are. Who made this problem? Yes you know the answer and you also know who can begin the task of making it right.

Come on, look in the mirror sister! I am a Boomer – proud to know and tell all that I am at the absolute middle of the boom and man-o-man did we shake up and change our world. We rebelled, we stood up to a system that didn’t think too much of us and we knew what was right and in spite ourselves and our parent’s generation we did change the world. By-the-way, I have bad hearing and a funny tick with my thumb and forefinger to prove it. So what happened? We got fat and comfortable and corporate and most of all, to paraphrase Pogo, we have become the Man; Yes we have become the enemy. This is not necessarily a bad thing but we had better make sure our conscience is awake and there is clarity of thought before we throw stones at the proverbial glass house.

How dare we demand that the Occupy Movement move out of our town squares because they are dirty and messy and then get bent out of shape because we don’t want our tax dollars spent cleaning this mess up. Yes I am paraphrasing someone from my generation speaking to the Mayor and Council in Vancouver. How dare you/we! We should proudly spend our tax dollars supporting and creating a global movement that we can all be proud of.

2008 was the canary in the coal mine. This did not just come upon us overnight but denying the need for a global awakening such as the Occupy Movement will only reinforce a flawed paradigm that we helped create. Let’s face it, none of us have a real nest egg: what we have today can vanish in a global instant. Open your eyes and look around the world. At the end of the day the only nest egg any of us has is our humanity, our compassion for each other, and our true belief that we can change our world and make a positive difference now and into the future.

I don’t know if the Occupy Movement is the best way to grab attention but somebody has to knock us awake and somehow all of us must find the needed passion to spark our enlightened souls such that we don’t someday find ourselves alone wondering what happened to the dream. Not that many years ago Martin Niemöller understood only too late what it meant to fail to recognize the problem and the consequences of not speaking up.

This is what touched me when my world was blossoming – go and find yours. But most of all learn to recognize the Man and know what to do when you wake as him.

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