“The Sea of Propoganda that Confuses and Entertains”

“Those of us who care about a civil society, and who abhor violence, should begin to replicate what is happening in Quebec. There is not much time left. The volcano is about to erupt. I know what it looks and feels like. Yet there is a maddening futility in naming what is happening. The noise and cant of the crowd, the seduction of ideologies of hate and violence, the blindness of those who foolishly continue to place their faith in a dead political process, the sea of propaganda that confuses and entertains, the apathy of the good and the industry and dedication of the bad, conspire to drown out reason and civility. Instinct replaces thought. Toughness replaces empathy. “Authenticity” replaces rationality. And the dictates of individual conscience are surrendered to the herd.”


Pogo tried to tell us but he was just in the funny papers so what would he know. Spain, Greece, and even Germany – they are us and it is just a matter of time. We must stop pretending that that there is a fence that divides and/or keeps us apart and we must recognize that we are all one. Niemöller must be our mantra.

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