What – Another Website?

Yes it is true I have several places where I attempt to communicate with a broader audience. The reason I created this site was that I wanted to finally build separate places for my different conversations.

For example, my Edublogs site became a place where I found myself talking about anything and everything and that was never my original intent. I want my Edublogs site to be a place for my academic interests; a place where I am able to talk out some of my intellectual challenges and create a dialog with others in the process.

My Camosun WordPress site is and should be dedicated to my teaching and learning world at and for my Camosun students. They may be a little overlap at times but my Camosun world will not contain content that includes my personal opinions on issues other than my current teaching and learning world.

This site, The BA of Life will be my personal rant space and the place where I will express my personal opinions about anything and everything. I  blog on my Edublogs site in this vein and so what I have done is re-fashion these sites to best reflect their purpose and intent. I have brought blog posts from my Edublogs site to this new site so as to preserve the content of the posts. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to create appropriate dialog when and where the spirit arises.

de omnibus dubitandum

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